Mickey James Tunnel Mental Psychedelic Sunday Helicopter
Jesebel’s Kiss Gruhak Junior Giant Shaun C Bryant
Arcadia The Rebellion Agora Howard Glazer
OBS Brush Wood Carolyn Striho Charlotte Medley

History of rock music is a history of rebellious attempts at redefining conventions and discovering new potential in classic musical structures. It all started in the 1960s, when different subgenres of rock music started to emerge. Folk rock introduced the first protest songs, such as famous “Like a Rolling Stone” by Bob Dylan. At the same time psychedelic rock movement started experimenting with rock music, pushing its boundaries to yet unknown fields. In United States garage rock was gaining popularity as the voice of young generation and some of the local bands involved in garage rock movement achieved moderate success and nationwide exposure. Let’s not forget about the early rock band superstars, such as The Beatles, who after many decades are still considered by many music critics as the most influential rock band in the history! That gives us a scope on situation of rock music in 1960s, but that’s only one era in evolution of this extraordinarily prolific music genre. The following decades were no less successful in launching new subgenres and careers of new stars. We have seen the rise of progressive rock, followed by controversial glam rock and first hard rock bands in 1970s. Punk rock and New Wave dominated in 1980s, while 1990s have its grunge rock and Britpop, which is more subtle and radio-friendly take on rock music. Contemporary rock is most  focused on the best features of different subgenres, which are combined to create quality music suitable for our times. Zazu Music booking agency supports bands, which are playing the best rock music and have very recognizable sound. With our agency you are always booking artists, who play the most fierce, energetic concerts and keep up to the modern standards of good rock music.