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Heavy metal music is on top of the list of favorite music genres of the youth for many decades now. In its early forms heavy metal music was influenced by blues, rock and psychedelic rock, but metal was focused more on the distinctive “heavy” sound, made by incorporating distorted guitar sounds and energetic rhythmic lines. Loud sound, vocals on the verge of shouting and the predominant role of guitar solos in the song structure are also characteristic elements of the heavy metal genre. The early “classic” metal bands of late 60s and 70s: Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple  and Black Sabbath had almost “soft” sound compared to the modern thrash metal bands, such as Children of bodom, or black metal bands, such as Burzum. That is because metal progressed as a music genre mainly in the 1980s and 1990s, when elements of at that time popular punk rock and noise were brought into heavy metal sound, adding to its thickness and heaviness. Unique techniques of fast playing on the drums and guitars, as well as the metal style of “singing” called growling became the inseparable elements of metal genre . Currently metal is one of the most diversified music genres and it takes some time to get to know the specific features of each style and type of audience most interested in particular metal subgenre. Thanks to our experience in music industry Zazu Music booking agency has a good notion of what is on top and how to promote metal artist to much success. We are booking artists from United States, Canada, Europe and UK, but we also support local metal bands, which have very fresh sound, sought by metal fans from all over the world. As a leading booking and managing agency we make sure that the best metal music reaches all its fans.