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    MMBF Trust joins forces with Great Worqs to empower filmmakers
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    International charity MMBF Trust has joined forces with Great Worqs and filmmakers collaboration site to offer a competition awarding writers and filmmakers who collaborate on a project together. Launching in January 2015 the competition gives filmmakers a chance to win a £100 cash prize for their film plus tickets to some of the hottest film […]

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    A glance at Matthew C. Martino’s empire
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    Matthew C. Martino has been all about growth and in fact the past few years the one byword which has gone across the 22year olds CV has been ‘innovation’. The Lets Fly author who holds a 5figure net worth according to won’t be slowing down any time soon but as of now here is […]

  • The Synthetic Dream Foundation’s newest animation and music
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    The synthetic dream foundation The Synthetic Dream Foundation has a brand new animation video for their track “what wonder held for ransom”, out now on Mythical Records. The track is part of the experimental classical music label’s newest compilation “Odyssey of Rapture vol 2″, along with 14 other composers’ work. You can view the video […]

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    Music Festivals of Australia
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    Australia’s beautiful summer just screams out for music festivals and the country does not disappoint. There are a number of them that everyone in Australia or from outside should experience. The list varies from large festivals that feature the big A-liters to the smaller festivals that showcase local and upcoming talent in a brilliant setting. […]

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    Top 8 Iconic Australian Music Bands
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    Over the years, Australia has earned its rightful place as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The country is endowed with a diverse and beautiful landscape, great tourist attractions, a rich history, pleasant weather as well as friendly and hospitable locals. However, one more factor that continues to attract visitors from […]

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    new york 8/16/14 hip-hop

  • How To Get Video Production Right All The Time?
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    Even people who have spent lots of time as photographers or learning photography may find that it’s not the same as video production. Trying to improve your photography skills will have little effect on your filming skills which quite frankly requires a totally different approach. However, the principles we use to take a good photograph […]